I'm off in PA at college, but I've been hearing all this noise about Spiderman 2 being shot back home. Do you have any shots from the filming?

I don’t have any, although a friend of mine has been shooting some, plus some great videos. He’s got them on his Facebook, I haven’t seen them on Tumblr yet. The cops and production people are trying to stop people from taking shots of the scene, so maybe I’ll wander down and see if I can get anything as well. Props to everyone out there already shooting, btw.

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Loving the blog you got running here. Memorial day weekend at Ontario Beach Park, Charlotte beach. There will be the Roc City Rib Fest going on. Should take your camera and an apetite down get some good pictures. If you do so, stop by the Good Smoke BBQ booth. I work there and would love to say hello to someone from Tumblr that lives in the same county as I do. Even if our blogs are the polar opposite.

Good Smoke in East Rochester? I know that place. The Roc City Rib Fest sounds great, I’ll do what I can to check it out, I need more shots from that part of town. And I’m always down for meeting people from Tumblr, they seem to live life quite passionately. I like your blog too, my daughter is a huge Dr Who fan, my son watches the Walking Dead, and we all watch Supernatural, so your fandoms are a good fit.

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Hey, great work. It's crazy seeing these places I remember and some places I've never even been to being displayed on the for everyone to see. I'm from Greece. The high schools there all have some pretty unique things about them that I think would be good to get some shots of. Also Basil Marella Park is a great place too.

Greece is a very cool area, I’ve really liked my occasional foray there. I haven’t been to Basil Marella Park yet, but I see they have disc golf there, among other things of course, so it definitely sounds like it is worth a visit. Thanks for that suggestion! I’ll check out the high schools too, I’ve seen good art and murals around a number of them throughout the city!

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I love the blog you have created ! Great photos - I'm from Rochester but work took me away. I miss it and really enjoy your work !!!

I’m honored that you like the blog! I’m having a great time exploring the city and seeing all the different aspects of it. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see!

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You should definitely go down onto University Ave and Park Ave; it's beautiful down there! So creative and beautiful. Definitely my favorite streets downtown.

That is a beautiful area! I’m looking forward to the street festivals on Park this summer, and the new Art Walk additions to University are really striking. Thanks for the suggestion!

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